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Hunting in Central Maryland?

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I know this has been hashed on here before, but I am having trouble digging up the old threads...

I am looking to spend a few days hunting this spring in the Cunningham State Park or Monocacy river areas, all on public ground. I likely won't step foot on any of these areas on a Saturday, and will likely hike in pretty deep in hopes of running into less traffic.

For those that have hunted these areas before, what can I expect? I don't want to know your hotspots (unless you wish to share)... just looking for info so I'm not completely clueless when the season gets here.
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jmbear12, try hunting around fox tower rd, TOWER rd and mink farm road. the terrain there isnt to bad, and check with the farmers along stottlemyer road, theres a bunch of good ole fellas down that way, they have alot leased for deer hunting, but not alot of people hunt turkey there. The mountain is loaded with TOMS' AND WOLFES', OF the people kind. I'm related to the toms', good people !!
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