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Hunted Bunnies today

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First time in 5-7 years, that I hunted bunnies.With the falling snow this A.M., Had a blast! We only got three,but jumped about a dozen.
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Cool, I really miss it! Had beagles for years and had to have both hips replaced so my beagles went to good homes couldnt se them sitting in the pen maybe one day soon i can try again if i can hold up! lol
Good to hear someone did well.
We tried for a little while in the storm but every rabbit went straight to ground. Could have jump shot a few but we don't do much of that.

Also saw where maybe half a dozen were in holes already.
New spot and the cover really was not heavy enough for these conditions.

So we called it early and made a note to visit here next year earlier in the year.

About a foot of loose powder here now. Probably won't be good running until this gets some base to it or we get a partial thaw.

Been a super year so far and I hope it continues. We haven't hit any of our go to winter thickets yet.

John L
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts