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If you’ve been on the fence about what to do this fall, below are some hunts with discounted pricing and a few others that are always great values. Time is running out to book in Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico because the application deadlines are fast approaching - plus many hunts are on the verge of selling out.

Below are some great deals on quality hunts. If you’d like to receive periodic emails with hunt specials like these, please email me and I will add you to our list.

For prompt replies to questions on the hunts below, please call or email versus PM’s.


Larry Holjencin

Nebraska Whitetails – Hunt #37-WT – Located in far west Nebraska this hunt produces quality whitetails with many being 130-150. Semi-guided – includes lodging, use of stands but no meals: 5 day archery $1800; 4 day muzzleloader $2500; 4 day rifle $3000. Guided hunts – includes lodging, meals and guide assistance: 5 day archery $2800; 4 day muzzleloader $3000; 4 day rifle $3600.

Colorado Elk and Mule Deer – Hunt #50-EMD – With extremely high success rates and a super low price, this hunt should not have openings at this time. You will be hard pressed to find an elk / mule deer combo for $4000 that includes meals, lodging, 2x1 guiding, private land hunting and 90% success rates. You need to pull the trigger on this one! Option #1 on the website -

British Columbia Moose – Hunt #17-MO – Here is a moose hunt that is very easy physically. Hunters travel the lake in boats and call from various locations. Tree stands are also utilized. Reduced to $5900 per hunter for 2x1 guiding. See website for other costs such as the air charter and license fees. It is Option #1 -

British Columbia Moose and Grizzly – Hunt #17-Combo – Save $4000 on this one. Pay $8500 for the moose hunt and then a $3500 if you take a grizzly which should happen. Hunt dates are Sept. 28-Oct. 8, 2012 – 1x1 guided. One opening left that won’t last long. Click on this link for air charter and license fees:

Kansas Whitetails – Hunt #47-WD – Sold out for rifle season but wide open for archery. You can choose prime rut dates. There are lots of leftover bucks and last year’s clients went 100% here. Unguided hunt includes private land, stands in place, scouting reports and trail cam pix to review. 7 day hunt $2375 per hunter for a group of 3-4. Meals and lodging can be added for $40 per day. Can also set-up your travel trailer by the ranch house.

Wyoming Whitetails – Hunt #06-WD – Here is a place where mule deer get the attention and whitetails are under hunted. The hunt is held during the November rut which makes for an exciting hunt. Bucks typically run 115-130 with some going 150 or better. 4 day hunt only $2100.

Wyoming Fall Black Bears – Hunt #06-BB – Here’s a real sweet deal in the scenic Bighorn Mountains. This is a baited hunt and you can use a bow or rifle. September 1-15. 5 day hunt only $1400! Add an archery antelope hunt to the bear hunt for $1100. Hunt antelope in the morning and early afternoon and then go to a bear stand in the evening.

South Dakota Whitetails – Hunt #22-WD – We have never run a special on this one before because it always sold out. Take advantage of this opportunity and save big. Only $3000 per person for a group of 3-5. Hunt Nov. 3-6 or Nov. 17-20.

New Mexico – Mule Deer - This is the outfitter that offers our Elk Hunt #38-E. The past few seasons have shown a good number of mule deer bucks so they are expanding their hunt offerings to include mule deer. This is not a hunt where you will kill a 180+ buck but there are good numbers of 23-27 inch wide bucks. Excellent draw odds (100% last year) when we apply you with the outfitter’s guide number. 5 day hunt - $3575.

Colorado Mule Deer – Semi-guided or unguided in western Colorado. If you have a group of 4-6 that likes to hunt on your own but wants a private ranch, this is a good option. The hunt is held during 3rd rifle season on 2000 private acres. It also land locks some excellent public land. No meals or lodging are provided but you can camp there or stay in a motel five miles away. Past hunters have gone 100% on bucks scoring 155-185. Draw odds have been 65% with one preference point for the unit-wide tag and 100% with no points for the private land only tag. There will also be landowner vouchers available for those that don’t draw. $2500 per person unguided and $3000 per person semi-guided which includes one guide for your group.

Colorado Elk / Mule Deer - Hunt #52-EMD1– Here is another great value hunt in Colorado but it will require that you have a preference point or two. Under $4000 for elk / deer combos.

Colorado Elk / Mule Deer – Semi-Guided – Hunt #52-EMD2 – Better than a drop camp and a lot cheaper than a fully guided hunt. I just checked out the lodge and property last week. I saw 200+ elk within a mile or two of the ranch. This is a nice set-up and a great deal at $2300. It is going to require 1-3 preference points to draw. So if you don’t have the points, put in for them now! Full hunt details on the link:

Osceola Turkeys – Hunt #03-T1 – There are still a few openings left for 2012. Only one hunter in the past 8 years hasn’t tagged out here.

Colorado Mountain Lion – Hunt #46-ML – Only two spots remain for the winter of 2012. This one guarantees that you will get a chance at a legal cat or you come back at half price.

Nebraska Trophy Mule Deer – Hunt #37-MD – Are you a bow hunter looking at a chance at a BIG muley? Every year 190+ inch muleys are taken on this hunt. The outfitter specializes in bow hunting big mule deer. 2x1 guided $4750 or 1x1 guided $5200. Can also make it an antelope / mule deer combo for $6000 with 1x1 guiding. Email me to see a bunch of big buck pix from this place.

Newfoundland Woodland Caribou – Hunt #32-C – Only 3 spots remain for the 2012 season. This is a great place to take your woodland caribou and the price is much lower than the competitions. These tags are getting harder and harder to get.

Important application deadlines:

Wyoming deer and antelope – March 15
New Mexico elk, deer, oryx and ibex - March 28
Colorado deer, limited elk tags and preference points - April 3

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Thanks for the eamils on a couple of the links not being "clickable". I think they are all ok now.
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