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HTE class from another state?

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I have already selected the place and dates my 11 year old daughter will be attending her hunter safety course.

When I read page 43 of my April 2010 Game News today it states all you need is another states equivalant.
She already passed her Ohio test two years ago and has her card. I am still going to have her take her PA. test because I think It will still be very beneficial to her,but my question is could she legally buy a PA. license with a Ohio card? Just for the record it doesn't seem right to me.
I sat through the class both days with her and they never covered anything about safety zones,and how many yards from occupied building.. etc. Just curious
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She could buy a license.
I just read the post in this forum that says all states recognize each others cards. I guess I should of read that thread prior to posting.
She will still be attending a PA. course. Even though she spends a ton of time with me outdoors and has participated in mentor hunting, any thing she picks up from the HTE course couldn't hurt.
By the way, that is her in my avatar with her first deer!
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