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I have never gone to a gun show and bought a gun without a check. Period. This crap about the gun show loophole is just that. EVERY table owner at a show will be running a check. They aren't stupid. "carry in's" can be sold person to person, long guns that is, but it can't be 5% of the total of gun purchases.

Come on...are you trying to tell me that criminals, or criminal want a be's just lurk at gun shows because they know they couldn't get a gun otherwise?

If a criminal wanted a gun, and couldn't pass a check, don't you think they would have other means of getting their hands on a gun? Like STEALING ONE?

I swear, they do this stuff because they think they are really that smart, and they are really making a difference.

Bottom line: Most of the "news making" gun crimes were done by people who possessed gun illegally. Background checks would be irrelevant, weather at a gun show or not. I'm not saying checks aren't important. I am saying "closing the gun show loophole" will make little difference in gun crime.

Surprise, McCarthy, NY. If I lived in NY state I would move. I would have moved a long time ago. What a horrible place. I go up there for work from time to time. It is DEPRESSING! How on earth does a state go so bad???
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