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Ok, here's the deal.

The HPA Anniversary Shindig is donating all proceeds after expenses to Hunt Of A Lifetime. To help add to the amount we can donate, we thought this might raise some cash:

Mod's on the wet seat -

The poll will determine the mod's with the most support or lack thereof -
. All the mod's active as of today are listed.

Not all mod's will be available for the event, or might be willing to participate.

Top vote getter's will be asked if they are interested and willing to sit in the dunk tank. If so - another list will be made with the names and times they are available that weekend.

We will then have a online auction for the first three throwers for these mods. High bid gets first crack at them. So it goes, for the second and third person bidding.

This poll will determine who needs to be asked to "take one for the team".

We are considering getting a list together for member suggestions for other members to sit in the tank. The same process could be followed with that as well.

All this has a real purpose - raising money for Hunt Of A Lifetime, and providing funds to send sick kids on an Outdoor Adventure. A noble and worth while endeavor to be sure.

You must be registered to vote in the poll. Lots of lookers over the years.

Registration is free and easy.

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I think you've been talking to the wrong people again.... As I think you may be the first one dunked!!

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Grouchy Coyote said:
Heres the wind up...

Its a fast ball, and.....

Oh Just wide of the target!

Looks Like MOFO has time for another beer before his swimming lesson...
Ever see a clown doing that at a local fair????? Basically that's what the Universal Boys are like. Endless chatter of nonsense and instigation.

You guys will be throwing at the cage and not the trip switch
1 - 20 of 52 Posts
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