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Hey Everyone!

So obviously we can't catch speckled trout in PA but wanted to share a video about one of my favorite saltwater fish to catch; the speckled/spotted sea trout incase anyone has any summer trips planned to the coast!

They can found along the east coast and into the gulf. They are a super pretty fish and definitely put up a great fight!

Their favorite thing to eat is probably shrimp so if you can get your hands on live shrimp you'll be in good shape to hook into some of these fish. However, imitation plastics work great. Some of my favorite are live target & vudu shrimp.

You'll find speckled trout in the sound, marsh, coastal rivers and the surf. You'll usually find them around structure whether that be a drop off or along a jetty/rocks.

Check out some of the tips we provide and feel free to reach out with any questions!

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