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How often to fertilize?

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In mid April, I planted clover and put down some starter fertilizer. I was just at camp this weekend and now that there is rain, I'm just starting to see the seed growing. How soon should I fertilize again and how often should I fertilize? Is 0-20-20 a good mix to use?
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I have great results with 10-10-10 same fertilizer i use in my vegetable garden. Its been a month now since i expanded my clover plot and i fertilized after i planted the clover seeds. I do this day before the rain arrives. I just checked on it today and i a happy camper. New seeds up 3/4"-1". last year plot ranging 6"-8". I only spread fertilizer in the spring mid april. After the 1st mowing that stuff really shoots up quick. I usually mow the plot in june. Best of luck to you.
most times if they call for #300 lbs of fertilizer per acre I would put half down in the spring and the other half down in august or september
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