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How Often Do You Shoot During The Off Season?

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I was just wondering how often everyone shoots their trad bows during the off season? And how many arrows do you shoot per session? Also, do you stretch your shoulder muscles before and after you shoot?

As for me, I try to shoot every day, weather permitting. I shoot 30-50 narrows per session, and I do stretch the shoulder muscles before and after shooting.
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Not too much on the stretching but if the schedule permits 3-4 times a week mostly roaming around the yard shooting tennis or golf balls. Sundays usually involves my sons (13 and 5) stump shooting for a few hours.
Every day. Sometimes it might be 6 shots....sometimes 60 shots or more. Usually shoot 2-3 different bows on my days off
As often as possible. Usually 2- 3 times per week. Try to shoot between 12 and 60 arrows
Twice a week @ 15-60 shots indoor range can be colder than the outside temperature and thats no fun!
At least twice a week, 20-30 shots.
Since I shoot outdoors daylight savings time is an issue. But normally, I shoot once or twice a week. I shoot a primatives: a #55 and #65 and try to shoot at least 50 arrows a sesion. That can be a bit much with the #65 becaues after about 30 shots my accuracy goes downhill because I have a problem holding the bow back.
Off season...what is that? I am a hunting archer, not a deer hunter who just uses a bow for more time to kill a deer
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There is no off-season with a trad bow. I try to shoot every day, at least a dozen arrows in the garage. I don't stretch my shoulders, I just pull the bow back several times alittle further each time till I get to full draw.
Well said Bob!
Try and shoot as much as possible even in the off season.Garage or basements offer great spots and if you live in an Apt. like i do you can get away with shooting maybe 7-10 yards but use extreme care as to not to damage the walls or have plenty of spackling on hand.LOL
Never as much as I'd like! But, like most, as much as I possibly can. Living in town limits my outside shooting.
I shoot 2 or 3 times a week. I stretch before I shoot, especially in the cold.
try to every day. But Sometimes only a couple times a week. When weathers bad..get home from work to late ect..
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