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how often do you replace your bow strings?

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How often do you replace your bow strings? This current pair I have on now was put on in the fall 2008. I shoot 2-4 times a week about 12-24 arrows per session. My serving is coming undone...and now getting inconsistant groups. I am wondering if it is starting to get stretched out. Any thoughts would be helpful.
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I think most manufacturers will tell you every two years. That is a general answer depending on how much you shoot and how well the string is wearing. I personally chnge mine about every 16-18 months.
I have found that cheaper strings will need to be replaced every year and good quality strings about every 2 years.
Its all going to depend on the amount of shooting you do, the conditions you shoot and store your bow in, how well you take care of your strings, and how high quality the strings are. There is no set time, or no real answer to that question. I replace strings almost every 6 months with the amount of shooting I do. For the average person, a high quality set of strings should last you at least one full year, if you take care of them. Proper waxing is a must. If you notice your string starts to fray in some areas, or the serving is separating, its time to get it checked out. The fraying cannot be fixed, but you can always have a string reserved at your local bow shop. If you have a complete strand that has been broken, it needs replaced. If you only shoot your bow during hunting season, and dont practice much in the offseason, you may be able to go two or three years without replacing it. Every time you hit the bow shop, ask them to take a look at it, and if they say its time for a new one, get it replaced.
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Well I guess that I need to replace mine then. It has been about 16 months, minor frays on my string, and my serving is coming off. All that information helped me out.
Probably a good idea. Again, make sure you invest in a high quality set of strings. You cant beat winners choice, but some other awesome strings for less money are bucknasty strings. You can find them on archery talk.
I replace my string and cable every spring.Just did it last week in fact.
Awesome I am going to look into them
I went 4 years without changing it once. You're supposed to change it once a year though.
Well then....I better get them changed.
Mine still has the same string from 5 years ago. Still loos like new. I keep it liberally waxed. I would have to guess I shoot mine probably around 500-600 shots a year. It also still shoots exactly like the way it did when I bought it.
Did you have the string tightened after about 1,000 shots 5 years ago?
spur said:
Did you have the string tightened after about 1,000 shots 5 years ago?
It's never been touched other than adding a peep sight and string loop. I had the bow set at 70# when I got it. Two years later I had it checked, and it was still 70#. IDK, maybe Hoyte just uses really good strings?

It will probably get a new string this year. I need to take it to a shop to get a different peep sight installed as I hate the one that's on it now. While it's there I will get a new string installed.
Hoyt uses a mid range bow string when compared to other large companies stock bowstrings. However, there still would have been some stretch, not enough to lose any kind of considerable draw weight. Your bow probably came off the shelf closer to #72, as most of them do. But with only 5-600 shots a year, it may very well still be in decent condition. I would still replace it this year as you stated. Also, if you replace it with a high quality string( which you should on a Hoyt), look into a G5 meta peep, of fletcher TRU peep. As long as you shoot a D-loop, which you should be unless you shoot fingers, you cant beat these two peeps. 3/16 is a great size to hunt with, but you can go as large as 1/4. Any larger and you start to sacrifice accuracy.
I use the string loop because the 30" draw is too short for me. It gives me an extra inch. Plus I noticed it really saves the serving.
Yeah....when I put it my next string on I am putting on a string loop and a meta peep site.
My martin saber has the same string on it from day one:this will be the 3rd year comming up still looks like new.I do keep it well waxed and make sure the cams pins are oiled and then wipe clean so excess oil will drip on the string.
I use a Tornado String Serving Jig
to resserve the string but use nylon seving instead of the factory stuff they use.I think it looks mre like string material instead of nylon.
hunt/fish365 said:
I use the string loop because the 30" draw is too short for me. It gives me an extra inch. Plus I noticed it really saves the serving.
actually the d-loop really doesnt change the drawlength at all....all it is really doin just just moving ur release hand further back
I have to say I like the G5 peep
I also use the TruBall TRU Nock set up and use the D loop with it : I find the peep set up perfect on each draw
My bow was bought in 2004, making the current string 6 years old.

I keep it liberally waxed and had some new serving put on last year, but the thing still shoots great with no fraying of the string. I have no idea how many arrows have been put through the thing, probably close to 3-4K.

Maybe Im just lucky, though I probably should look at getting it replaced.
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