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How many bears have you taken?

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I was just looking at some other threads and see there are some pretty successful bear hunters here. So, how many bears have you guys taken? How long have you been hunting bears? 2012 was my 15th straight bear season and I was fortunate enough to take my 4th. 1998-285lbs, 2000-152, 2010-128, 2012-393
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3 yrs hunting (2010-2012)
1 bear in 2010
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I have been bear hunting for 12 years, I have killed one, and have little desire to kill another one.........

After I killed mine, I have finished several off, but let the original shooter take them...........

Most of my time now is spent driving, I just enjoy being out in the woods.....

Our crew has taken over 50 bears in the history of the crew, a lot before my time, but we have killed around 20 plus or minus a few since I have been hunting with them......
I have been hunting bear for 25 years. Four years ago I killed my first and am currently on a streak with four in a row. Two with a rifle, one with a compound and one with a crossbow, all in PA. Smallest 100lb biggest 400lb. Alot more bears now than 25 years ago.
5 for me been hunting them for 25 years or so . killed one largest was 642 and smallest was 80 something with that one being this year .killed two of them with my 44 pistol .
Hunting for 17 years and have gotten a whopping 0 bears...I'll keep on trying though.

4- 210 200 290 172. 2 pa and 2 new brunswick
Two for me, hunted bear for ten years missed a few seasons due to work and kids. 1999-263, 2008-140.
If there all from PA bigbear that is very impressive. I think taking a PA bear is one of the greatest trophies in all of hunting. The only PA bear I ever had in the scope wasn't big enough to shoot. Seen some monsters while archery deer hunting though. I've taken 3 in Maine, one with hounds that went 400 pounds and two while hunting over bait. (225 & 250) I also took one in Newfoundland that went 150 pounds and completed my newfie slam. They are my favorite animal in the world to hunt. I'll soon be hunting the big boys of Kodiak as long as I stay disciplined and leave that savings account alone.
2 for me, biggest was 395 live weight, other was @ 325 according to my dad. At camp in Potter we have taken 11 since 1992. (camp burned in 92 and I counted the pictures on the wall)
Zero bears harvested, zero bears shot at zero bears seen during the season in 31 seasons. I put my time in just not meant to be for me. but have done okay in poker and have had great times at camp.
2 Bears: 2010 - 130lbs, 2012 - 394lbs both PA bears. I should have a streak of Five in a row but just things happen. A fellow hunter (got bear fever) starts yelling here comes a bear as it is running straight for us, needless to say it turned and went another way, could go on with funny stories but that is for another thread. I have been hunting them for 20 years now and will continue to for as long as I can!!!
1-1998-in about 35 years of trying. As a cabin we got 12 in 23 years. Three members got 3 apiece while most got 1.But hopefully i'll be back on the mountain again in 2013.
Only one but I would love to join a bear gang to drive bear.
Shot my first and only bear this year - a 196 lb boar. This past season was my 6th year of hunting them.
4 in Pa, 451, 197, 124 and 94 and 4 others, (2 in maine and 2 in New Brunswick)
Love bear hunting! My group of 15 guys has killed 26 in pa since 2001.
14 years 0 bear taken. pass three cubs a few years a ago and seen one shooter but couldnt get a open spot to get a shot. I want a pa bear more than anything one of these years it will happen. I hope lol.
None so far for me..... hope to get one this year either in pa or nj!
just 1 600lbs, I know a few guys at some larger camps have gotten 12-15 over the years
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