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How long to wait

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I was set up along a field edge and missed a tom. How long should I let this field "rest" before attempting to set up there again? I am new to this spring gobbler hunting, so please be kind.
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You never know...

He may come back within minutes... Hours...days..weeks

Or he may never came back in..might get quiet.might vacate the area...

Never know how a turkey will respond to such an event...
I would assume he's not the only gobbler frequenting that field, and set up again there the next time I go hunting.

What you think he is thinking: "I am not going back into that field...I got shot at last time."

What he is probably thinking:

"What the........???????"

Go back and don't miss this time. Good luck!
a turkey doesn't know he was shot at and missed,to him it was just a loud noise,especially if he didn't see you.try setting up in same field but at a different location.sometimes they just move on.
I don't know why people think turkeys are completely dumb birds...

Just this year I had birds roosting daily in a patch of woods...their fly down in the same spot and strut every buddy missed one there late the first week...he jumped up and ran after them not knowing he missed..theu took off flying hard...

Those birds haven't roosted there or stepped foot in that field since...

I've seen it more than once...I think the common denominator with it is they roost there and we're badly spooked..not just shot at one time.

I know they aren't the brightest critter in the forest..

My buddy killed a bird the day prior to me from the same field within 50yds..he had 6 longbeards in the field so I'm betting the one I shot was one of the 5 that got away..

It's definitely worth hunting again..but it seems to depend on the bird and where it took place and how badly it was spooked..

I know many times birds were missed and killed right in the same area...

But I've seen proof more than once that they will totally vacate an area too...
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When I shot my gobbler this AM there was another gobbler calling and approaching from a 90 degree angle. I would estimate the second gobbler was no more than 50-60 yards away, but we were separated by heavy cover...Russia Olive etc..

After I retrieved my gobbler, tagged him, took a picture and sent an email I walked away as the second gobbler was sounding off from the last place I heard him before my shot.

I have had this happen before. Will your gobbler or another gobbler in the area come back to the location your missed from....Well only one way to find out.
I knew a guy once that wounded a bird, then called it in the next day and killed it.

"How long should I let this field "rest" before attempting to set up there again?"

pick a different spot with a different setup; ie, if you had 3 decoys only put out 1, switch from box call to mouth call, etc. but as far as letting the field itself rest, nope. you already know there's a bird there, no sense going elsewhere. long as it aint the same exact setup he's walking into, you have as much chance with him as anywhere else. change things up enough so he doesnt think its you, but other than that, have at'em.

i've taken long shots before and missed myself, and go right back to it. from what i've experienced, they usually go quiet for a couple days, but that doesnt mean they cant be called back in. just dont expect him to be as vocal for a little bit.
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