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How long to recall an area?

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Ive heard lots of different thoughts on this and am wondering what everyones standards are pertaining to how long until you go back to an area after you call it?
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Like you said there are many diff opinions, but mine is that if you go out and shoot everything that comes in there is noone left to tell the story... sort of, but if I go out call a fox in and miss well I imagine that you probably wobt see him for a while. But predators travel so on any given day there could be new ones in the area. If say they hear your calls but do not respond and nothong negative comes from it, then why on another day will they think somthing wrong with it? for example 2 weeks ago I went to an area called in a grey shot it, then went back like 3 days latter and called in another, but I missed it. Now I do not think its coming back tommarrow. I wouldnt go everynight to the spot but if your killing all your customers then the only ones left will be ignorant to your tricks. although the animal your targeting may have diff opinions, coyotes seem to have a much better memory than a fox.
Although if you setup improperly and they smell you they will associate your calls with people. If you are setup proper and dont see anything its likly they are in another area.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts