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I really suggest you ask for a Garmin Astro System for X-Mas.
They make a world of difference. I hunt with CasB and he can attest to it. We've had coyote circle in one area then pull out and circle in another miles away. Then you'll get others that don't circle at all but just make a bee line to God Knows Where.
Red fox can pull out of an area and run elsewhere as well. Greys typically run almost like a cottontail.
Back when I was younger my dad would always leave an old blanket out where we had our trucked parked. If the hounds pulled out and we couldn't locate them typically they would be laying on the blanket the next day.
Modern electronics have definitely changed that. Not to mention you can attempt to head off your hounds if they are running toward a well traveled roadway. No critter is worth losing a hound to getting hit by a car.
When a yote gets tired he will bayup. We've had chases that went for well over eight hours. I don't know if your hounds are fighters or not. Some dogs will fight others turn tail. Depends how many hounds you are running as well.
Snow will tell what's going on.
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