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how did you do in west maryland this deer season

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my dad,brother and i went to allegheny county md to hunt deer this year. public land. we hunted the area in 2000 also.early muzzloader and last 2 days of thier firearms season.we are planning on a day or two in late muzzy season so far was not real good for us. we did however bring venison home both trips.does anyone else here hunt western md public land? and how did u do? looking foreward to spring turkey too.
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hunted garret co and missed a 140+ inch buck the first day with my pistol. uncle got a big 5 point the same day.
Where did you hunt? I live in Allegany county.
Ahhhhh. Western Maryland. North Branch Potomac River. Barnum, WV.... lovely area.
we hunt western MD garret county. or green ridge state forest..I didn't go along down in rifle this year but my son got a buck...We almost always do well in MD regardless where we hunt, whether its bowhunting prettyboy resevoir.or hunting green ridge or garrett.early muzzleloader or rifle..It's been GREAT! hunting over the years.
We have our issues here in Western Md. also. We do have a pretty liberal season and lots of opertunity such as a buck with every weapon, 3 day early muzzy in oct. chance to take a buck with any type of muzzy. Becareful if you come down here on rules and regs. Read the dang book over several times our rules are diffeent than Pa. We have different rules for private and public makes it confusing. Treaspassing is a 400.00 money make for our state. Written permission is needed on your possesion on private. Also dont need yellow signs blue paint on trees means the same as a sign.
haven't deer hunted there since before my dad passed away in 2008. We always did well in Green Ridge. Haven't gone back, except to turkey hunt since dad passed. Without Dad and with CWD found, I haven't messed with it at all. I stay local, and hunt Frederick Co farm ground instead and get bigger bucks.
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