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Four bills were scheduled for a vote.

HB 485 - Goodman - Mentored Hunting. -Passed unanimously
HB 602 - Jozwiak - Dog Tracking. -Passed unanimously

SB 192 was brought up for debate. -Representative Maloney discussed the Game Commission's recent RFP for a Northeast Headquarters. -Apparently its around $5 Million. -He also discussed a phone call yesterday from the Auditor General's office regarding the PGC audit. -Maloney explained that the audit should be started sometime this year.

Maloney made a motion to table the bill because of (what he thinks) the questions about the RFP and the audit. -A vote was taken and the motion passed 14-12. -Gillespie then pulled SB 30 from the agenda and the meeting was adjourned.

In the end it was explained that the motion to table was only for today. -Not sure when the bill will be brought back up. -Gillespie thought he had enough votes to override the tble motion but he was wrong.
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