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Hound training for dummies

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I have a 7-month old walker that Ive done basic obedience training with and have messed around with some cat scents, thats all. I took him out the mountain yesterday and we cut a cold cat track that we followed for about an hour with him on the lead. It went through all kinds of deer tracks and everyone once in awhile he'd start to follow the deer tracks and Id give him an electric reminder that thats bad and hed go back to the cat trail. After an hour of praising him when hed get on the cat trail and disciplining when hed follow deer, I cut him loose. There was a nice powdery snow on so it was easy to follow him. After another hour didnt he open and the chase was on. At seven months old, with minimal training he had that cat treed less than two hours after that. Now answer me this; do I have a one-in-a-million hound or do some people make out hound training to be more complex than it is? (Im betting on the latter)
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Time will tell. You're definitly off to a good start.

Snow is always easier to start a dog on. Try starting one on bare ground before you bragg about how easy it is to start a pup. On snow you can "see" what your pup is interested in. On bare ground you can only guess.
Very true, very true. Im gonna keep at it every weekend while this snows on (running cats I mean) and hopefully it will engrain in him a little more that he gets praised for running cats and scolded for off-game.

I defintely see your point though, snow really gives you an advantage
After re-reading this I realize it may sound kind of arrogant; I didnt mean for this. Not trying to brag, just asking other, more experienced houndsmen's thoughts.
Congrats!! You accomplished more in a shorter time than most. The deep snow helped your dog for sure, but obviously the dog did a good job too. Keep at it, hold her back until you're sure she's got the track, then let her go. They don't always tree easily, you may need to get in there and sort out a loss for her, but it sounds like you're both on the right track. How well did she tree? Was she accurate? On the right tree? Did she stay? All things to work on and improve on....but, yes, you might have that dog everyone wants to buy!!!
He didnt tree real hard, he'd be up on it then he'd sniff around the tree a little. He was on the right one but wasnt there long until I got to him cause I was so excited I ran the whole chase behind him haha.

Now when you say you might have to help him sort things out you mean if he loses the track help him find it again? Thanks a lot for the input
Never believe that a young dog won't chase deer. When you are not right there to correct him he will get on a deer. Sproul
Yes, I mean helping him if he loses it due to tapping a tree, bailing out, running a log, crossing a creek, walking on ice, etc. From what I have read, Paul Laney from Maine, probably one of the most successful cat hunters in the country, follows his dogs on every chase and helps sort out the loses. When your dog does tree, he may be off the tree which is OK. He might sit down and look up at the cat and tree - he may not locate the exact tree but be down wide treeing on scent. Either way, I'd work him on the tree, pet him up and then tie him back. Each time, take a little longer to walk in.
Really appreciate the advice, thank you.

I was pretty impressed with him because that cat jumped up and ran several logs but he didnt miss a beat with it.
I like your progress... keep it up.. trying to dupicate this first event will be valuable in his early learning.. If your licensed to harvest one, do so when legal, give it to him dead, tie him at the tree esp. when shooting...NO SHOTGUN.. 22 mag. between the eyes...
Put in probably 10 miles this morning, cut 2 more cat tracks but I pulled him off of them pretty quick as they were really cold.
dont pull that dog off them cold tracks! if he will follow them follow with him. you both will learn alot more trailing an old track.
Dually noted. Thanks for the advice; this is defintely a work in progress.
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