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Horton Explorer HD 150

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There seems to be quite a few of these floating around in the $200 range. Does anyone know anything about this xbow? Some reviews indicate there may be potential problems with the scope mount and it may be a little cumbersome. Thanks.
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Look into the parker enforcer way better bow. I was checking one out this weekend. Very sweet bow.
X2 on the Enforcer. Give me a call and I'll be happy to tell you all about the Explorer. There are some things better left unsaid, on an open forum.
What is wrong with the Explorer? I just committed to buy one on Wensday. Paying $200 for it. It looks new.
between me, my dad and my brother we have 8 horton crossbows and have been hunting with them since the disabilty permits came out(we all have shoulder problems)and have shot many deer with the hortons,we only ever had a major issue with my brothers hunter max,no matter what you did you could not hold a group with that thing,it was back to horton 3 times and they kept saying nothing was wrong with it.that thing has now become a paper weight and he now shoots a horton legend 175,my 9 yr. old son is shooting my old yukon and at 30 yards can put every arrow in the 3 inch bullseye.horton makes decent crossbows for the price.this year my dad and I both switched to parkers he got a tornado and I got a cyclone and the parkers are definately a step above the hortons,they have less vibration,more consistent accuracy at longer ranges,quieter. just an all around better crossbow but the hortons served us well for many years.
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Thanks, guys. I'll take your word for it, arrowhead. . .just curious as to why so many are out there all around $200 and many say they only used it for one season.
They probobly aren't happy with the performance and need to sell to buy another bow would be my quess. It'll kill deer but its nowhere near a parker excaliber or ten point for performance or quality. Just my 2 cents
I have used the 150 for many years have had no problems with it and hve killed many deer with it. Complete passthur on every deer. I guess a ten point or parker could have killed them more dead than they were.
Horton is a crossbow keystone and probably always will be. They have a very loyal following and are putting out some quality stuff at the moment with the restructuring. The new reverse limb Vision and the Ultralight TRT are getting some rave reviews.

Horton has had its ups and downs over the past several years but their bread and butter is the Summit, Explorer and various 175 models.

They have sold tons of these models and will continue to do so. They are entry level crossbows and nothing more. They will kill a deer as good as a $1000 BowTech. There has been some customer service issues of late but with Greg Ritz at the helm I am hopeful that will improve.

There are lemons among all crossbow makes. Parker had problems with the limbs blowing up two years ago but it seems to have rectified. Some makes are generally more reliable than others.

If someone likes their Horton and wants to buy another, have at it. You are the one that it matters most to. Once the crossbow bug bites hard, maybe you will yearn for a step up. Maybe not.

Enjoy the sport no matter what you carry.

All these forums are is an arena to share opinions and discuss tactics, tips and equipment. The advise is invaluable but decisions come down to a personal choice.

Good luck.
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well , i bought the horton explorer. it seems like a really nice crossbow for the price. its lighter than my horton yukon was and seems better balanced. all in all its a nice set up for $200.
Good luck with it and have fun.
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Just shot about 30 arrows through it. 20 yards dead on . 30 yards dead on . 40 yards dead on. Took very little adjusting of the scope to get it to shoot good. It is way louder than I want. Anyone have any suggestions to quiet it down?
Just make sure everything is tight. Bout all you can do. The add on Sims silencers will absorb a bit of vibration but most crossbows are loud and there in not much that can be done about it that works, IMO.
does the horton vibration things work. they are those stick on rubber silencers?
Will help a bit with vibration but when the rubber dampeners finally fell off of my Cyclone, I didn't replace them. Didn't think it made much of a difference.

Also, anything on the limbs will slow them down.
Regarding xbows, I've read the recurves and the reverse-limb style compound x's (Horton Vision and Scorpyd) are the quietest of the lot. Is this so? I'm either going to buy a new compound bow or xbow this year, and am leaning toward the compound. The sound issue is a big factor, at least for me.
I don't know what your budget is, but the Scorypd is a very quiet crossbow. The Horton Vision is also good. However, they will both make more noise than most compounds. If you are considering one of the new compound "speed bows" I would say that it's about a toss up as far as noise goes.

There will be little noise difference between the fast compounds and the Scorypd.
The Scorpyd and Horton Vision are the quietest crossbows made. Bar none.
my son and I have hortons only problem I had was the sling mount broke off . luckily I was able to grab it before it fell to the ground
Just traded up from a Horton 175 to the Vision. The Vision is MUCH quieter. The thing that sold me was the balance of the reverse limb design.
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