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Hoping for a Plott litter

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I drove my Plott female Penny down to Virginia this morning and dropped her off with my buddy from West Virginia who met me half way. He is taking her to be bred to a top Plott stud. Today is day 10 of her cycle so she should be ready in a few days and will probably be bred on two different days before I get her back. Then the calendar will start and I'll be counting off the days....can't wait! She'll be out of heat in time for cat season.
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I might have seen tracks of one or two.......
She was bred Wednesday and today. Going to pick her up tomorrow. Everyone is feeling good about this cross and that she took....that 63 day countdown just started!
Baldy, no kills, plenty of chases. But I like her.

Plottdog, Penny is one of dogs mentioned. Litter is all bear-dog bred, mainly Weems. If she took, there will be no pups available, all spoken for.
My litter is now two weeks old. 10 pups born - all made it so far. All slick, fat and healthy. 8 females and 2 males.
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