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homemade noodles

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Guys...i never knew regular old noodles were so dang easy to make, so here's an intro to folks like me that never did it...

1 egg, 1 cup flour and 2 tbls (1/2 egg shell) full of milk or water. that's it.

Put the flour in a bowl or on a board and make a dent in the center. put the egg in. start mixing with your fingers adding the water toward the end when all the pieces start to come together. this will make a very stiff dough.

knead the dough on a lighly floured surface for a solid 5 minutes or so until the dough becomes elastic.

Let it rest while you run a pot of water and bring it to a boil with salt added.

Roll out the dough to desired thickness. roll it thin enough to see through for soup noodles. about 1/8" thick for THICK noodles.
Use a pizza cutter and the rolling pin to cut the dough into straight strips. I used the pin as a "ripping fence" for the pizza cutter. let the noodles sit to dry while waiting for the water to boil. about 10 mins is fine

Drizzle the cut noodles loosely into the rapidly boiling water and cook until they are done (taste test)

Piece of cake...

I found myself in a predicament this weekend making a pot of venison stroganoff and found I had no noodles nor did i have the ability to hit the store. I may never buy noodles again.
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Yep, home made are better and you don't have to cook them as long. My wife always makes home made pot pie egg noodles.
I love homemade pot pie noodles.
An other trick is to make the dough dryer and grate it, or rub it in your hands to make little bits and put it into soups and stews. It's what we dutch call rivles.
I don't grate it but I pinch off several pieces & drop them in a pot of beans I call them dumplings.
Thank you for this!!!
This is just another case of homemade being better than store bought.
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