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Home survival kits

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Imagine for a moment, you only had a minute to get to the cellar before a tornado hits, or the smurfs rise up, whatever your fear is. You have 1 duffel bag of gear for survival inside for 2 adults, and one small child, what would you pack?

In this scenerio, I'm assuming rescue teams are working around the clock to save people, but you may be burried in you're cellar for 3 days.
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My wife says I'm crazy but I always keep an emergency supply of canned goods, water, batteries etc... Comes from growin up next to the ocean and being ready for hurricanes. When the kids were younger I kept kits in the cars; I could pop the hatchback, rig up a tarp and live for a few days with what was in the vehicle.
This would all be preplanned as who would be responsible for grabbing what, so... here you go!

Assuming you have your main supply of adequate water/food/candles/alt heat source/ammo etc... already in the basement, on my way, I would grab:
- bedside shotgun to meet its friends, handgun, AR15, and .22lr already stashed in the basement
- coloring books or other non electric entertainment for the kids and adults for that matter!
- radio
- flashlight
- sleeping bags, pillows, etc...
- Any important papers

Human waste is another really important point to figure out, especially if your going to be stuck in a basement without a bathroom. Lots and lots of plastic shopping bags and old phone books would suffice for a short while.

Great Question! especially since I only have a crawl space and no basement to retreat too... at least at home : )
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check out they sell packs with up to 2weeks of freeze dryed food at a cost of around $200 with around a 10 year shelf interested in snaging one to keep around...but on top of that i guess i would take the 870 a case of 00 buckshot some rope and a tarp
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check out this guy - Nuttinfancy on Youtube. A great American with simple reviews on "Anything Dangerous". Here is one on an urban survival kit (USK):

Way cool!
you should have everything ready to go ahead of time and doing that means you will be rotating things in and out of your kits. You need to have atleast a weeks worth of any meds you may be taking ... so to keep these fresh you should rotate those out every couple months with fresh meds and you can simply use those then.

Water tops the list as well, and food... lights and possibly a radio that are crank operated. in the dark of a basement in a secure room your light will be limited so you cant depend on using sunlight during the daytime so batteries could go quickly. Ammunition, and your favorite defensive weapon. as well as possibly a gps, and phone charger.

The gps can be used for so much more than to just get you to where you want to go. if you use it to look up things near you, most of the time they will give you phone numbers as well, allowing you to look up numbers....

duct tape and plastic... those are just a few of the most basic... i have a medical kit as well as 2 first aid books, i also have the small respirators in case there may be some type of virus, or dust.... the list could go on and on...

dont forget if you have pets you need to make plans to have them as well including food, water and meds as well....
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