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Home Brew Sprayer and Plot Project

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My buddies and wanted to do some food plots on our farm. With no experience in farming we just read and researched. I hope to have step by step as we enter into our first plot season. We first brush hogged our areas out. Then decided we needed a sprayer. I looked at a few online and figured I could just build one to pull behind my quad.. Here is what I built ,I bought the HiFlo 2.1 gpm pump off ebay and ordered the 35 gallon tank from Chem-Tainer. Fittings and hoses where just local stores. I made the booms adjustable in height by 1" adjustments and they spray 80" wide when 16" off the ground. On/off toggle at thumbs control.
Here is a few pictures of it coming together.


Practice spraying

Here is the sprayer in action at the farm.

We are heading out this weekend to get ready to plow,disk and plant. I hope to have more updates soon.
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Very nicem but if you want to make life easier, mount the tank on your atv rack and habe the bomm drop off the rack. Much more manuverable that way.
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