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Hog Hunt in GA?

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Hey everyone, I had a website for a hog hunt in GA, but my computer crashed and I lost the website. If John S. checks this I believe he was who I originally got the website from. Any help with different outfitters and experiences in GA would be a great help. I would love to plan a hog hunt soon!
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I am planning another hunt with them this winter.
John S said:

I am planning another hunt with them this winter.
I can 2nd, Johns suggestion. I've hunted with these guys 3 times and its a great experience. Lots of hogs and I would highly recommend spot and stalk. I can't explain it, you need to experience it for yourself.
How long are the shots? Looks like a fun place and do you get to pass on a shot with spot and stalk ?
Backwater Boars! Easy drive right down I-95 - My buddy and I did the nearly last hog hunt of the year there in March of this year - we killed 3- each one @140lbs or so - spot and stalk hunt - it was the most difficult walking I have ever done and I work out nearly every day! Be prepared! They also offer dog hunts which also require lots of walking or baited blind hunts which are much easier but looked boring to me...
I shot one at 30 feet in hip high marsh grass and one at 3 feet and even then it was virtually invisible - but I saw terrain where a 100yard shot was possuble. My buddy had a slug gone which seemed right - I had a 300 saum which was way overkill but it worked just fine
Thought it was close shots and was thinkin 12ga. slugs, thanks...later
Thanks for the site John! That's the one I was thinking of. I've been thinking about trying their dog hunt. I just need to get the funds saved up, haha.
A little late seeing this, but if you dont mind a do it yourself hunt, hogs are a nuisance in GA and with a little studying you could be successful on a WMA. They might not be as big as some of those on a guided hunt but I believe you would come out a good bit cheaper. Just thought I would throw that out as food for thought.
Its funny you bring that up. I was thinking about a dyi hog hunt.
John I didn't know you where into the hog,,,,

I also love getting after them, i am going to look into that link

I am now since my first hunt, I am going back this jan or feb.
Can't beat Okeechobee in Florida for hogs. They are plentiful, and the hunts are ridiculously cheap. Go in early spring, and you can combine the trip with world class bass fishing. Go in winter, and you are only a couple hours from great beaches and winter surf fishing around Jupiter.
Go to, they have a section dedicated to hog hunting, you can go there and get a wealth of info. Hope this helps, and goodluck.
wjs2nd said:
Its funny you bring that up. I was thinking about a dyi hog hunt.
Definitely worth a shot. I went down alone last year and hunted public land in Georgia. Went down in February and hunted Thursday-Saturday and I shot a boar at about 4 yards and shot a sow at about 20 yards. Had lots of other opportunities but really struggled with muzzle loader issues.
Shot this one at Black River Plantation in SC in January, wouldn't recommend I was the only one of five guys to get one, not big weighed 178, I did see a 300 pounder haulin butt after I shot, had no chance. Google Jager Pro or try in GA at hunting them at night with thermal image scopes, looks awesome gonna be my next pig trip. This thing tasted awesome took it to my smoke house here in Bucks.

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Below is one of my public land Georgia hogs..

Shot it at 4 yards... 2 inch Cutters.

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Thanks for all the help!
Does anyone want to get a group rate as HPA group. 8-10 hunters get the hunt for $650.00 instead of the $800.00.
Keep me informed, am interested and know others that may want in also.
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