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Hog/Deer Combo Hunt in SC or GA

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Does anyone have a recommendation for a place to hunt (fair chase, no fencing) wild boar and deer this fall in the Carolina's or maybe Georgia? I'd like to go in October or November unless that is a bad idea... If it is a bad time to go I'd appreciate advice and thoughts on that too.
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Went to a place a few years back...In Orangeburg, SC. Great food, great food and excelent hosts. BuckRidge Plantation was the name of the place.
I am taking my son on a bowhunt for alligator here:

we will be there the week of 9-17

owners name is Jim Boone the references I called for alligator couldn't say enough good things about him, the guides and the operation.

several references on his site from PA.
bohunr please let me know how you make out. That is a hunt I'd love to do!

deer hog and bobcat 5 days 2 grand includes food and lodging

that's all I know, I might go there next year, might not.

add a bear hunt for 500.00 more

big28 I will post the results of the gator hunt when I get back

I don't have any experience with it, but several guys from HPA go to Deerefield Plantation every year. Here is a post from one of those hunts.

You could PM Loridr about it and he can fill you in on the details.
Pretty sure he has found and booked a place in Oct.
Yep.. Heading down in October.
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