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Hey there guys... History in the making...

The first HPA Reps Meeting was held tonight at Ed's Steak House in Bedford...

The SC Reps Meeting was held and alot of stuff was accomplished...

Look for meeting notes from our newly elected officials...

The newly elected officials for the SC Region are as follows...

(Left To Right) Flanuva, Grouchy Coyote, Deadon

President: Flanuva - Walt

Vice President: Deadon - Dean

Public Relations: Grouchy Coyote - Tom

Secretary: 171Farm - Noah

Looking forward to expanding the world !


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flanuva/Walt - don't you go bringing none of that Parlimentary Procedure Roberts Rules to the 2nd Organized HPA Reps Meeting this Sat down at 4c_game_chaser's for the SE Region! We aren't all that high-falutin, rootin-tootin down hee-yah!

Nah, just kiddin guys! Congrats on getting the ball rolling! Looks like you got a good bunch of guys, too!

Looking forward to meeting you, Walt.

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We discussed many items. I feel we determined our tasks to be many, but hit on the two most important ones

1 Promote Huntingpa through out our region in an effort to
A. Increase ACTIVE membership, this means to gain new members and excite old members so they become regular visitors to the site.
B. Portray HPA as an informative, educational, and positive influence in Pennsylvania Hunting.
C. Help secure sponsors to the site by directing inquires to the proper people.
D. By bringing new hunters to our sport.

2 To introduce junior and new hunters to the sport of hunting.
A. By being present at local HTE classes.
B. Attending local events.
C. Talking to Scout groups.
D. By use of the site.

Rooster if you what more blood, sweat, and tears from us we will be meeting again at Ed's bring HPA's credit card the meals are cheap but the coffee is not

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The food was excellent at Ed's and we had a great time.

Dean beat me to posting, but his synopsis of the meeting is right on.

One of the biggest obstacles we discussed was to increase ACTIVE participation with HPA ranks. Sure, there are alot of members but according to a few graphs, HPA is extrememly active starting around the end of September to the end of January. The rest of the time, there is steady but decreased activity. This is one thing that we set forth to change.

With all the forums and the vast array of knowledge each individual brings to this site, there is no reason why we cant be the on-stop shop for anything about hunting in Pa.

The other big obstacle is increasing youth involvment in every aspect of hunting. This is one area we all felt like could be drastically increased. We felt that if we as hunters and HPA members would spend more time with youth and getting them into the woods, both the youth and HPA would benefit.

While Dean and Tom both are involved in youth activities, I am planning on attending an HTE course and then submit an application to become a volunteer instructor.

I forgot to bring this up last night, but one reason that U.S.P. is included in most of PGC discussions is that they are extremely active, whether it is good or bad. I would like to see the point in time when HPA is thought of being a large enough entity and a respectable outlet so the PGC would notice us in a more influential manner.

It was great meeting the men behind the avatars and they are truly great and humble people. I look forward to us working together.

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