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Higley's Archery 5 star

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Well a lot of times we all complain about negative things but this is different. Over the last few months, myself and a few other people I know have purchased bows or crossbows at Higley's Archery in Centerville, Crawford County. Excellent customer service, good prices and really nice people. Five stars in my book. It's customer service the way it should be, the way it used to be. Anyone looking for new equipment who are semi-local should seriously consider them. I could go on and on but I have been impressed and we should support those who give great service at a great price.
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Good post.
I bought my last bow there and get a few items a year there too. It's a good place with archery hunters on both sides of the counter. My boy runs wild when we go there too and the guys just laugh and don't get upset about it. Nice bow shop for sure, and prices are in line with everyone else too, so I go there when I can.
Joe is a good guy to deal with, if he is still there. My rest went bad on the last saturday of archery and he was there to fix it for me. I figured he'd be out hunting . I was fortunate enough to shoot a nice 8 on the last Monday thanks to him.
Agreed, it's a great place to do business.
I also bought my bow there last August, great shop to deal with.

I can't say every brand they carry but I do know at a minimum: Matthews, Mission, Parker. I know he has other brands, just not sure of which.
Dorn's is a good shop also, very fair on pricing, and a dang nice guy to chat with. Joe was still at Higley's last time I was there in early October.
I bought my first bow there 12 years ago. Still hunting with it. Great customer service.
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