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High-pitched Hand Call

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Whats a good one to buy, either open or closed reed? I have a couple rabbit in distress hand calls but would also like to get a bird/rodent one as well. Thanks
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Once you become good with an open reed call, you can do a lot of different sounds. From high pitched bird sounds, to coyote vocalizations, to lower pitched growls, and everything in between.

I have a few closed reed calls, but rarely use them because they freeze up easier than open reed calls, and they are limited as to what you can do with them.
john is right on with open reeds great for high pitches dont freeze
The tweety call is a good high pitched call i keep a critrcall standard on my laynard at all times. It can do high pitched and low pitched.
Thanks fellas.

Found out tonight that you guys are defintely right about the open reeds; had both my closed reeds freeze on me tonight. The only open reed I have now is a howler but Ill certainly be purchasing more
Try some of the verminator calls. I use the twetty and psycho tweety. They sound great and open reed
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