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Nice article about our local shop that does great work on trucks. I have no personal connection to Corey, so I am not advertising, just sharing a great connection for anyone looking to get there truck customized/lifted etc...Corey is very good at what he does.


Natural gas industry jump-starts Hi Cal

By Johnny Williams

Published: August 20, 2013

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Photo: Northeast Driller Photo/Johnny Williams, License: N/A, Created: 2013:07:19 10:54:34
Hi Caliber Motorsports opened in October of 2010 and has since grown extremely quickly because of the natural gas industry. It started with only Cory Bride and now employs seven to eight people, with plans to add a new 6,000 square foot facility in the coming months.

When Cory Bride graduated from the Pennsylvania College of Technology in 2010, he wasn’t sure where to go from there.

“Graduating college was the goal and after I accomplished that, it was like ‘now what?’” he said. “I really didn’t know where to begin.”

That was until a friend of his knew an oilfield worker that wanted a lift on his truck and didn’t know where in town to go to have it done.

“That was kind of the kick-off point,” Bride said. “I started doing some quotes and Hi Caliber Motorsports (Hi Cal) opened its doors in October of 2010.”

Today, Hi Cal, located on the Golden Mile in Wysox, offers all of the products and services that are often seen on natural gas vehicles, from aggressive tires and rims to fender flares to grille guards and more.

“Suspension, air intakes, bedliners, winches, vehicle lifts; we can do all of that. We install everything we sell,” Bride said. “We also do work on cars. There’s a thought that we really only do work on the big trucks, and while that’s a big part of our business, we can also do cars as well.

“When people see this kind of work on vehicles, it’s often referred to as ‘customizing’,” he continued. “We prefer to call it ‘enhancing’ the vehicle. We don’t customize vehicles in that we make custom parts or something like that. We use reliable and proven big-name brands that were designed for the enhancement of the vehicles we install them on.”

Bride admits that in the early stages of Hi Cal’s life, it wasn’t easy.

“Initially, it was just me,” he said. “I’d run back and forth between the shop and counter, serve customers at the counter before going back to work and listening for when the phone rang or the door opened again. We’ve grown from that to about seven or eight people now.”

Bride also noted that the natural gas industry provided the kick-start to the business.

“The oilfield business was in town when we started, and just through word-of-mouth they started knocking the door down,” he said. “We’d be booked anywhere from one week to three weeks out.

“I equate what the gas industry has done for us as a business to hitting the lottery,” Bride added. “It has been huge to us as a jump-start. Like a lot of young businesses we’ve made mistakes, but the industry has allowed us to overcome those mistakes. It’s allowed us to quickly rise through the ranks and build close relationships with big-name dealers.”

Some of those partnerships have included Pro Comp, a leading off-road aftermarket company, which allowed Hi Cal to have the first 2014 Chevy Silverado with the company’s fender flares in the country, or having the opportunity to enhance the CNG truck of Randy Williams, owner of Williams Oil and Dandy Mini-Mart.

Even in the flooding of 2011, which was devastating for many businesses in Wysox, Hi Cal was able to quickly recover because of the work from the natural gas industry. One oilfield worker even offered his pump to pump water out of their basement.

“We lost thousands of dollars in the flood,” Bride said. “But we were so busy we were able to quickly overcome it. We had people coming in even while we were still cleaning up.”

As Hi Cal continues to grow, Bride is constantly looking for new ways to aid that growth, including the addition of a new 6,000 square foot facility and adding products.

“We recently started adding clothing to our line as a possible way to keep growing post-oilfield,” he said. “We’re also working with local dealerships to enhance the vehicles in their lots and we’re also checking out CNG vehicles to see how we can get involved with that.

“We want to find ways to be bigger than what we are,” Bride continued. “I’ve said before that we are three things: we’re lucky, fortunate and blessed to have this business and the oilfield companies here to help us. A lot of these guys have become more than customers; they’ve become friends and the opportunities that we’ve had are just unheard of.”
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