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Those of us who use HHA slider sights swear by them. But if you are not careful when you install the site tape, or if you are having an off day when sighting in your bow and get the wrong site tape, moving them is impossible, or you simply destroy the site tape never to have "site tape number 30" again, since you only get 1 set per site. Here is trick I have been using and it really helps.

Equipment needed- 1-HHA Site tape set; sharp razor blade; clear packing tape.

Start by making sure your site tape surface is clean and free of any other debris from old tapes. Take the site off the bow to do this well. With the site off the bow, cut a 3" piece of packing tape and align it on the site tape surface and press down to remove all bubbles. Trim the tape along the site tape surface with the razor blade. This is basically your base to attach either a blank tape for sighting in or applying the indicator strips that are use for sighting in. NOW, once you are sighted in and the sight is locked down to the distance you last shot, easily peal off the blank tape, or the indicator strip. Now attach the corresponding site tape number, and then cover that with another piece of packing tape- same manner in which you applied the first piece. This allows you to remove the site tape, move the site tape, and also keeps it water proof for the season. You will also find that indicator strip came off easily and can be reused.

The day I first sighted in my bow, I must have been either full of adrenalin or really putting the heal of my hand into the shot, because I thought I needed site tape 26. After shooting for a month, and especially yesterday on a 3D course in a practice class, I found all shots over 35 yds were hitting low, and I had to set my sight 2.5 yards on the sight tape further than the actual range. Figured out last night and this morning that site tape #30 was the best for me. Easily removed #26 and saved it, put on #30 and covered it. Ready to go again.
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