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Hey truckers!What can you tell me about.......

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Roehl,Schneider and MAverick?Got my CDL w/tanker/hazmat and dbls/trpls and looking to get started.If I can't get something local with a gas company or someone else,I have to get started OTR somewhere.Doing alot of research on "thetruckersreport" and they all look decent.Kinda leaning towards Roehl.What do you guys know about these companies?
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where exactly are you at? if york area might want to try webster trucking
I have family who drives for Advantage, he says they are the best outfit he ever drove for and he has driven hazmat stuff all his working years.

He lives in Brookville.
Thanks guys.I'm 15 minutes west of Williamsport.I'll have to check on those companies.Also considering TMC.
webster is a regional company. you'll be home almost every night,or day.
my brother worked for roehl for years. pm me and i'll give you his number if you'd like.
Thanks alot yellodog!!Sending you a PM.
Tried to send you a PM but it says you 're over your limit.
well webster is out . they are in the same boat my company is in.
Estes express is also in the York area.
Good Luck hope you land a good job!
I'm a closet trucker. Keep us posted.
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