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Here's your chance turkey hunters caption this one

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I know if your a "turkaholic" this has happened to you more than once. Give me your best caption and it will become the prints title when it is printed.

Thanks guys and gals

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Where`s Tom....

Hunting The Elusive Pa. Turkey...

Spring Turkey Hunting in Pa....
Silent Strutter

The Ghost
"Phantoms of the Hardwoods"

"Backdoor Bandits"
You called?
"I'm Looking Good in the Sun, Now Where is she at?"
Old Thomas the Gobbler thinks to himself "I KNEW she sounded to good to be true"
" So you wanna be a turkey hunter huh?"
Shed Antler said:
We missed it, it's over!
Ol Sneaky
The Jig Is Up
1 - 20 of 43 Posts