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You've come to the right place. The following info will help in getting the right answers (or several variations of the right answers that you will have to sift out and make one or more of them your own)

Model of Traditions gun? This helps with barrel twist and other oddities that may be particular to that model.
Type ignition (flint, perc, inline)

any idea what you want to burn in it? black powder or subs

any idea what projectiles? balls, powerbelts, conicals

Your budget. This helps as to what guys recommend. Some of us are pretty cheap too.

Where you gonna hide the receipts? LOL!! Just kidding!

This is the best tome to ask questions here. The number of guys on here has at least doubled since about 2 weeks ago. The flinter season gets em all wound up! On the Traditional forum there is a Tips thread. Lots of goo d stuff there too.

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Take a look back thorough all of the old posts and you'll find all you need to know and more. I just purchased a T/C Firestorm two weeks ago and found the research very helpful. After your research, ask any questions you might not have found. By looking at the topics, you can really narrow down the information to your weapon.

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OK, for about the 5th time this fall and winter. the National Muzzleloader Rifle Association has a downloadable posteer on how to load and fire a muzzleloader

poke here:

You need patches, balls (about .010 less in diameter thhan the caliber.) Commercial patches are carefully manufaturered to certain thicknesses. .015 thick should do ya.

You will need a powder measure. In a pinch, an empty cartridge case such as a 45-70 works well. A 45-70 casse will hold around 75 grains of powder. A 30-30 will hold around 40 grains.

You will need a safe container for the powder. Horn, flash etc.

a ram rod. Some factory ramrods are meant to be used only in a pinch and are poor quality. A stoudt ram rod is some times called a range rod, because it is used most frequestly at the rannge.

A short ball starter. Cheap to buy, easy to make.

An extra flint or two, a ball puller, cleaning jag,, short screw driver, pliers, pan primer flask make things easier. Then you will need a tackle box or Rifleman's bag to carry it all.

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Firefighter25 said:
some basic items that you will need are...powder, prelubed patches, regular patches, balls, ball starter, ball puller, measurer, flash pan powder dispenser
Forget the prelubed patches and other patches and round balls...

The Traditions Deerhunter flintlocks have the 1:48 twist... they like powerbelts and maxihunters BETTER then Patched round balls..

Don't even waste your money or time with the patched round balls!
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