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Hey everyone, just joined the forum so figured I'd introduce myself here to get started. I'm a lifelong pa guy, spent my entire life except the last 2 years in philly. Now me and my family live in Abington. I've never hunted anything in my life but over the last few months I've gotten a real itch to try it for various reasons. I ended up going to the local cabelas and buying a bow, taking to a local pro shop and getting t set up and shooting a few times and now I REALLY have the itch. I'll be spending all spring and summer getting better with the bow so that hopefully come fall time I can feed my family with some nice venison, rabbit and turkey.

As I said I've never hunted, I've spent some time camping and hiking but nothing major, some I pretty clueless to everything. I have a couple older guys at work I talk to about and I've been reading a couple books and watching plenty of videos and tips online to help me get a nice whitetail my first season. I'll be just bow hunting for now with an open mind to using a rifle further down the line maybe. Learned a good bit just in the few days I've been lurking around here before I signed up so I look forward to learning some more and sharing success stories in the coming months and years!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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