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when do you guys run your beagles in the summer with the heat, after dark it was still 83 degrees last week, I work 2nd and 3rd shifts and its hard to get out during the day???
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We currently have 5 running hounds and 1 pup.
We have a bit of a routine that we use.
Weekend mornings belong to the dogs.
Almost all time is spent running dogs solo or in pairs.
We get up with the sun and have dogs on the ground right after.
We'll run each dog/pair for 2-3 hours both days.
The wife gets up and runs a different group than I do.
Maybe once a month we throw them all together on a cool or damp evening and let rip for 3 - 4 hours or till it gets dark.

Any time we get a nice cool down like the last few days here, it's the same thing, Grab 1 or 2 and run till dark.
The young developing dogs get the most time but all hounds get at least a good run or 2 a week.

Cutting back the feed so they don't get heavy and give them good steady work is about the best you can do.

John L
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Yeah Chop

She's one of a kind.

John L
Guees I better watch my back LOL

We ran 2 pair this morning.
Mag and Lace found a hare and that made for an easy morning for janie 2 1/2 hours then he ran right by the truck, so she grabbed the dogs.

I had old Ab and young Luke.
They an 2 half grown cottontails for about 45 minutes each.
Tricky rascals gave the young dog fits but old Ab kept the run alive.

A great morning in the NEPA woods !

And 2 year old Molly is up in Vermont running hare at the Futurity trial with 2 of her sisters.

John L
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Just heard from up north, Maggie' younger sister Nokie just won the 2010 International Beagle Hare Futurity !!!!
My Molly lasted 3 hours and got picked 7th, but looked good.

21 big females running large pack on hare at full speed just wore Molly out.

Go Noke !!!

John L

Oh yeah at least I know SOMETHING happens to me mine wil be OK
Mag and Luke just rolled this morning at the club.
3 hours of non stop screamin
Great morning

Probably take a few others out before dark.

Nice to see a little moisture to keep the dogs cool.

John L
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