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when do you guys run your beagles in the summer with the heat, after dark it was still 83 degrees last week, I work 2nd and 3rd shifts and its hard to get out during the day???
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Rabbit Runner said:
The wife gets up and runs a different group than I do.
yeah i don't think that will happen here. some guys have all the luck. lol
no sisters huh? lol
hey john maybe we can get out archery hunting in some tree stands
you know i'll help you put them up. that way nothing bad happens to you and your wife gets left all alone with all them good dogs to run on her own. you know jst saying
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snowshoe said: should feel good about nice to know you have friends that care.....about your wife and hounds anyway!lol!
yeah we are just looking out for you buddy! you know us guys gotta watch each others backs.
just wonderin is she going to maine with us in nov?
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