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I have been wearing hearing aids since I was 48yrs old, am now 75yrs. I have owned three sets of aids in that length of time,and none of them performed as the provider said they would. The first two sets were analog technology and were the best of the three. The digital aids that I now use are the worst of all. I now am thinking of getting a new set of aids,but needless to say I have a very low opinion of hearing aid providers,that have only one thing on their minds,and that is separating me from my very limited amount of cash,as opposed to actually helping me with my hearing ,that is severely diminished. I hear but don't understand. Most of my loss is hereditary and the rest is from too many unprotected 357's, and exposure to other loud noise,my bad.

Question do any of you have any suggestions of a honest and reliable Hearing aid provider that will be truthful and actually tell me that they cannot help me ,if that is the case, instead of making a sales pitch that will line their pockets.

All of the aids I have used were purchased from audiologist, after a Dr's examination,and then was given a very extensive hearing evaluation (test) before selling me the instrument.

I fully realize that aids will not make me hear the same as normal undamaged hearing.
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