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From: Representative Neal P. Goodman
To: All House members
Subject: Remedial Hunter Education and Safety Course

When the Game Commission suspends a hunter's license, it does not do so lightly. Hunting privileges are suspended for serious hunting violations that endanger other hunters and harm the reputation of the sport. That is why I believe all license suspensions should carry an automatic requirement to attend a remedial hunter education and safety course before a license is restored.

Currently, that requirement only exists for license holders whose license has been revoked due to a statutory mandate within the Game Code. Act 54 of 2010 removed nearly all mandated revocations in Title 34, giving the Game Commission the authority to decide upon the imposition and terms of license suspensions.

My bill would correct this by requiring all license holders whose privileges are revoked by the Game Commission, whether the offense carries a statutorily mandated revocation or not, to attend a remedial hunter education and safety course. The course is different from the course new licensees must pass - it includes more study of hunting and trapping laws and discussions of participants’ past violations.

Please join me in sponsoring this legislation.
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