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Just from what I have heard from others, read on here and experienced first hand, it seems as though harvest numbers might be down a little this year. I think its important, not to equate, harvest numbers being down, with low deer density. I somehow find a way to hunt a few more days each year than the previous. I believe in the quote "The Harder I Work, The More Luck I Seem To Have"

For the last several years, Ive heard people complain of not seeing any deer in their area, or harvesting any deer each season. Well conventional wisdom, would say that if many people are not harvesting deer or seeing any, than more deer are surviving, and numbers should be clmibing.

I hunt 3b, 5c and 5d. I continue to see a ton of deer in 5c/5d, and see more deer each year in 3b. The average buck taken in our area of 3b this year were 8 pointers, with two 10 pointers being taken within a 1/4 mile of each other. Just in my small circle of friends and camps we talk to, we know of 5 eight pointers, 2 ten pointers and a non typical 15 or so pointer Ill call it. Looks more like a moose with very small tines that probably dont all score, but looks awesome. I have seen more scrapes, rubs and deer in general this year, a slight increase each year. I was fortunate enough to see 8 deer in one 5 hour span, 7 of which were buck, from spikes on up to a basket rack 8. I was convinced that larger buck were in the area and decided to pass. I participated in a mangement hunt and harvested a doe. I hunted the last 3 days of rifle, and was surprised to not see a single sole while roaming the woods. I was also surprised to see as many deer as I did will still hunting under icey and noisy conditions. Deer seemed to be moving, even without hunting pressure. My father and I put on a small 1 man drive that jumped a large doe and a yearling which I decided to pass on, hoping a large buck would come running out. It didnt, and I was fine with letting the mother and yearling go, because I already have a doe in the freezer. I dont even regret passing on the smaller buck earlier in the season, I still have a shot at flintlock/late archery to fill a buck tag. If I dont fill the buck tag, I know that 7 more buck will be a year larger and look forward to seeing them next season.

Hunting for me has never been about filling tags or bragging to friends. I do not get mad when I don't see deer and i could care less about the ribbing Ill take from my buddys for passing up a small buck or a doe. I also do not fault those who fill their freezers or shoot small buck, a trophy is in the eye of the beholder for many different reasons.

So my opinion:

Deer numbers are increasing

Hunter numbers are declining

Nobody hunts after the first week (been like that for years in our area)

A lot of shooting during muzzleloader season

Wont see anyone flintlock hunting

Many hunters do not sit still long enough, stays in one place, take scent control serious = not getting deer.

I am by no means a professional hunter, have gone many years without getting a deer by both choice and circumstance, but learn each year and seem to adjust well and have more success. I will not hunt the same spot year after year unless I see deer. I will give a spot a day and a half before moving on to a new spot that I have previousley scouted during rifle season.

Good Luck everyone!
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