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This is the story as told to me by my friend Robin.

"If I had to talk about the hard times and trials of of a mother then listen to me as I tell you a little of my life.
Times were getting tough in central Texas and it was harder and harder to scratch out a living.
So I decided in the early spring to fly from Texas to live out the summer and early fall.
Soon to be the single mother of four,Yes,four little ones,and had to fend for myself.
It was not the greatest or easiest of times but soon after getting to Pa. I was setting up house,and getting ready for raising my quads.
What a chore for one mom to do,they seemed like they always wanted to be fed,cleaning up after them,never really a moment for myself until way after dark and had to content myself with listening to the night sounds.
Some were pleasant,others were down right scary to me.
The loud hoot of an owl, up to close,the bawl of a bobcat,they all sent a shiver down my back,and all I seemed I could do was sit still and take it.
Everyday the sun would come up ,and all the nightly demons would fade away,forgotten until the sun would slip away again.

Sometime in late July,a very,very ,bad storm came across the woods of Pa.
The trees were rocking hard,the wind ,unrelenting,the crash of thunder rolling one flash upon the other ,where it sounded as one long endless boom.
The kids all snuggled up tight to me as if my frail body would do them some good against the blinding streaks of light all around us.
To be that young again,and to be able to fall asleep so easy against your mother and block out all the weird and scary shapes that the lightning brought to life in the dark.
At times even the storm scared me a bit.

Morning was slow in coming.A lone sunbeam broke over the ridge and probed the woods as if looking just for me.
As the sun rose higher into the new day, the woods started to wake,the small patches of fog slipped slowly through the woods as quietly as ghosts and silently vanished.

I slip away from the kids and stretch out the damp and knotted joints of my body.
I look up to the heavens and am rewarded with a big drop right into my eye,go figure.
The storm was unrelenting over the night and many a drop made it's way onto me during the night.
I ache all over and stretch once again.
But it's morning once again,I'm all alone except for my four kids sound asleep and no one to look out for me but myself.
I must leave them for awhile and go hunt for game or it will be a long day hearing them cry to be fed.

On a positive note,the rain will make the forest floor so much easier to prowl around and stalk my prey without the crunch of the ground litter to give me away.

I soon see that it is a perfect morning to go hunting,a fox goes by,and shortly after a large bobcat slinks through the woods as well.
Hunters at their finest,the fox,dances around a brush pile and is soon rewarded with a fat mouse in it's mouth.
I quietly watch from my stand and shudder to myself,what a way to go ,eaten alive.

But now I must hunt.My kids need fed as well as I.
So much woods here in Pa. but only small areas to hunt.
Others take offense if I mistakenly cross their lines.
Food for all ,but will chase me off if given the chance.

The sun is higher now.I'm warmed by the rays and forget the terrible storm that was last night.
One last look over my shoulder to confirm the four little ones are still asleep.
Now ,,it's time to hunt.

Slowly I make my way through the woods,straining my head with every step to hear the slightest sound,or to see the smallest of movement.
A few steps more,I stop,listen.
I think I hear the rustling of game,but I am not sure.
Five more steps- Yes I do hear it.
One step--two steps-my, but it's close.One more step.
YES-there it is.

I spring into action,launch my beak into the soft damp soil,and am rewarded with a large night crawler that will feed all four little one ....for awhile.

As I fly back to the nest I think.
Tough being a single mother Robin ,but wouldn't trade it for the world."

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cool point of view. aka "birds eye view" LOL
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