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Just a few pics from some recent outings to ring in the new year. Its been pretty quite. But I always enjoy being out.

My Lab on New Years Eve giving me the "I'm cold, tired and ready to go home" eyes.
Only saw a handful of ducks and none came anywhere near me.

I recently got a friend acquainted with water-fowling, and may have created a monster. This morning we hunted a small creek on private land thanks to my friends brother in law. Had some action early, but not a ton. I feel the area would be more productive in the evening but didn't have that opportunity today. Just one, but happy to have some success after being skunked the past several hunts. Pic with the first mallard decoy I made.

It actually had 4 curled feathers, but couldn't get them all in the pic as two were side by side.

Thanks for looking and Happy New Year!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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