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Had A triple catch

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I had 3 reds last night on the same farm.. last check was 4pm..always check twice a day..Had nothing fixed the hay sets up..This morning had 2 nice reds and the front leg of the what was the 3rd red..there was only a 5 inch front leg in trap..I looked for blood and any signns of the rest of the fox..found nothing..I caught it just above the foot...has that happened to anybody else??
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Sounds like a coyote may have got it, they do kill and sometimes eat foxes
i had 2 grey fox killed by coyotes last yr and in the spring i found a half eaten grey fox in the same area with coyote crap all around it.
I had the same thing happen this year. Had a red fox leg from the knee down. Coyote tracks all around the catch circle.
Wow, not sayin i don't believe it , just something I'd have to see for myself.
I just put a post up " coyotes stealing my catch"
I just had the same issue this morn!!!
I do check twice a day..happened between 10pm and 5 am..Going to put out a trailcam and see what happens..
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