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Habitat work day w/PGC in NEPA

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Once again, the NEPA Chapter of RGS and the Susquehanna Branch of QDMA will be joining the PGC on a habitat work day. This time we will be working on SGL 140. They used the FECON machine and cleared strips through the brush. We will be joining them and spraying herbicide on the cut vegetation and any invasives we find. Long sleeves, long pants and a hat/helmet and glasses are required. Gloves will be provided. The PGC does have backpack sprayers, but we may need 1 or 2 more. If you care to join in and have a backpack sprayer, please bring it along. The date is Saturday, August 13. I will post the time and place we will meet. Hope to see you soon.
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We will meet at 9:00 AM at the PGC building on SGL 219. We will travel to the SGL 140 location from there.
What a day to be working in long pants, long sleeves, gloves and a hat!!!! 90, hot and humid!! Don't forget about the bugs either!! Here are some pics from the area we applied herbicide to. We did 4 to 5 acres of brush that was ground up with the FECON and we applied herbicide to any invasives (multi-flora rose, honeysuckle and olive)in the area. The NEPA Chapter of RGS and the Susquehanna Branch of QDMA were represented. We also had help from two students from Penn Tech and the PGC F&C Corp guys. Teamwork makes the job easier and gets a lot accomplished especially with the F&CC budget basically slashed in half due to lack of funds. Here are some pics from the area. I'll post a group pic when Phil sends it to me. BTW, I was mistaken on the location of this project. We did work on SGL 219, not SGL 140. Too many projects going on!!!

The NEPA RGS sign. We will use them at all our habitat projects in the future.

This field has been converted to NWSGs. The Big Blue, Little Blue, Switchgrass and Grama Grass are as tall as the Shasta Daisies.

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The crew that made it happen!! Left to right-
Dawson Young (PGC), Aaron Andrews (Penn Tech), Zach Taylor (Penn Tech), George Nichols (RGS), Mike Koneski (RGS), Darren Pettyjohn (PGC), Johnny Rodgers (RGS) and Phil Kasper (PGC).

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Hi peddle-paddle, I don't know if any other Branches in PA are closely involved with the PGC. We have a very good relationship with the WCOs and the F&CC in NEPA. You may want to just put a post in this forum volunteering your services. I know they have a banquet coming up and might need some help there.
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