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If you like to see gun review or grades on guns you should try to get your hands on a copy of the Gun Test magazine.. Now you need to check one out before you trigger a subscription. It also allows you to go to their web site and look at all gun ratings archieved from previous issues.
Recently they did an article on types of hand gun bullets that will protect you in the woods from everything.. Namely bullets that you might want to use to stop a bear and everything easier to kill.
Rater assign a grade to all the gun they look at from "A" to a "F".
Best benefit like I said is not what they look at each month but being able to check out how they rated guns that are archieved on their web site...
If the gun is junk they tell you about! If it's a good gun they tell you that too... If it's just OK they tell you that too.. They tell you all the types of ammo they used in the guns and the accuracy of the ammo for each gun they rate. For example they might rate a Model 1911 Range Officer and a Kimber 1911. Many times the cheaper gun is rated better then the most expensive gun..
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