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As my son will begin to be shooting soon, he's 10 I am looking to join a quality club. Based on research I have it narrowed to 4.

Clairton Sportsmen's Club-Probably the most expensive for a family (90 + 20 for junior + 60 for spouse). I used to belong about five years ago, like the club and facilities but man are the annual fees steep.

Carrick Sportsmen's Club actually in South Park, fees seem reasonable, the app asks for three sponsor members of which I know zero. I could check with them to see how strict they are on that.

Library Sportsmens Club fees seem reasonable, initiation a little high web site doesnt say much.

Pittcairn Monroeville Sportsman's Club. I read some real good reviews of this club on the web. It's probably the furthest 30 minutes away. Fees seem very reasonable and their website seems to indicate that they have a lot of training for youth and adult members. I'm pretty intrigued by this club.

So any one on the board belong to any of these clubs, and can maybe add some insight to help me with my decision, or any clubs I may have missed that are worth my consideration?


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I can't speak for the first three, but for the Pitcarin\Monroeville Sportsman's Club, a very good friend of mine is a member there. (I am not). The club facilities are very nice and the shooting ranges are well kept.

The club has a sufficient amount of gas wells and royalties that they have a full time caretaker that manages the grounds.

I've gone there for the 3D archery shoots and they are one of the few clubs that have welcomed me with my modified electric cart as I have a disability.

Nice people. I can't say enough good about 'em. If I didn't belong to a club that was less than one mile from my home, they would be my first choice.


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