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Ladies & Gentlemen,
Although my Father and Grandfather are gone, I sometimes
get a glimps of how it was during their era, this is the 2nd time in 2 years that I have received such a reward.
I entered the woods at 4:00 PM on a beautiful sun setting
evening, and in less than 2 1/2 hrs Penny my Gordon Setter and Daisy my Ryman Setter pointed 12 Woodcock and 2 Grouse.
The Little H&R 20 Gauge double Hammer Gun went 5 for 6 on some seriously challenging gunning, in the beautiful Beach Trees, in the covert where my Grandfather taught me to gun birds.
Pine Creek/Dave

Penny our Gordon Setter on Grouse point with Daisy our Ryman Setter backing as the sun sets on the thick Beach Tree stand, making the dogs earn their points.

Daisy on Woodcock Point as the sun sets.

Daisy Setting another Timberdoodle as the sun goes down.

Daisy checking out the H&R Hammer Gun, she definitely approves.

Penny on Woodcock Point

Penny checking out some of her birds.

Daisy looking over the evening plunder.
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