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OK guys, so far there is 2 of us to buy 25 pounds of powder. It will be from Powder Inc. and each 1 pound can of Goex will be 13.60 and that includes shipping. We need one or two more guys from W.PA. for the buy. I am good for about 5 pounds and the other guy wants 10. That leaves 10 pounds left. we either need 1 guy at 10 pounds or two guys to split it. I will order it and we can meet to get our powder. You may also buy any kind you want of the brands and size and I will collect the money. If you want in, please check out their site and then get back to me


P.S. If we have enough, we can order 50 pounds.

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Federal law limits possession to 50 pounds, in any one household. Most state, county, and city ordinances and fire codes comply with Federal law.

You may not engage in the business of stocking and reselling black powder, unless you have a Federal Explosives License, available from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms. They require a license, simple record keeping, an approved storage box (inexpensive Type 4 indoor magazine), and annual inspections. Certain areas require commercial zoning.

Please note, however, that there are several
caveats to this aspect of the Federal explosives
law. While no ATF license is required for
persons not engaged in the business of
manufacturing explosive materials, the Federal
explosive laws, as amended by the Safe
Explosives Act (SEA) prohibits anyone other
than a licensee or permittee from knowingly
transporting, shipping, causing to be
transported, or receiving explosive materials.
Persons not holding a current ATF explosives
license or permit may not transport or ship
explosive materials, even within the State of
residence. However, this restriction does not
apply to the lawful purchase by a nonlicensee or
nonpermittee of commercially manufactured
black powder in quantities not to exceed 50
pounds, if the black powder is intended to be
used solely for sporting, recreational, or cultural
purposes in antique firearms or in antique
In addition, proper storage of explosive
materials in a magazine constructed and located
to meet the requirements contained in the
Federal explosives regulations in 27 C.F.R. Part
555, Subpart K, Storage (of explosive materials)
is required for any unattended storage. Please
note further that explosives storage magazines
are not permitted in any residence or dwelling,
and not more than 50 pounds of explosive
materials are permitted in indoor magazines.
Furthermore, persons falling into certain
categories are prohibited from possessing
explosive materials under the Federal
explosives laws. These include any person who:
(1) Is under indictment or information for, or
who has been convicted in any court of, a
crime punishable by imprisonment for a
term exceeding one year;
(2) Is a fugitive from justice;
(3) Is an unlawful user of or addicted to any
controlled substance;
(4) Has been adjudicated as a mental defective
or has been committed to a mental
(5) Is an alien (with some exceptions);
(6) Has been discharged from the armed forces
under dishonorable conditions; or
(7) Having been a citizen of the United States,
has renounced their citizenship.
Any person falling into any of the above listed
categories is generally prohibited from
possessing explosive materials. However, such
persons may apply to ATF for relief from their
Federal explosives disabilities. There are
other exceptions as well, and any questions on
this matter should be addressed to ATF’s
Explosives Industry Programs Branch in
Washington, D.C.

Indoor Storage
Magazine Locking

Questions have been asked on the locking
requirements for indoor magazines.
The Federal explosives regulations
regarding storage magazines require that the
door or other opening(s) on all explosives
storage magazines to be equipped with two
locks. These may either be two padlocks
covered by hoods, two mortise locks, a
combination of a hooded padlock and a mortise
lock, or a mortise lock that requires two keys to
open. Alternatively, magazine doors or other
entry equipped with a three-point lock meet the
requirements of the storage regulations.
However, indoor type 2, type 4, or type 5
magazines need only be secured with one steel
padlock having at least five tumblers and a
case-hardened shackle of at least 3/8 inch
diameter, without a hood, if the door hinges and
lock hasp are securely fastened to the magazine,
and if they are located in rooms for which the
doorway(s) or other entry are secured by the
same type of locking system required for a magazine; that is, two hooded padlocks, two
mortise locks, a combination of a hooded
padlock and a mortise lock, a mortise lock that
requires two keys to open, or a three point
Please note that the limitation of not more
than 50 pounds of explosive materials stored
indoors applies to all indoor magazines. In
addition, indoor magazines are not permitted
in any residence or dwelling. Any further
questions on this topic should be addressed to
ATF’s Explosives Industry Programs Branch in
Washington, D.C. at (202) 927-2310.

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good ole boy said:
Where would the meeting place be Octagon?What area,town,etc?
Well, since Ilive in the South Hills, I could probably meet you between the south hills and Washington. The other 2 guys live North. Do you want some? There are 5 pounds to be had.


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TPlank was correct, those that want some in Central PA can certainly buy anytime from Back Creek Gun Shop in Winchester VA. Mr. Venskoskie will ship powder anytime and is fully licensed to do so. I'm not sure about the transport and/or delivery. I buy a keg from Back Creek once a year and bring it back, so I'm sure if someone needed they could do the same. He has swiss, Goex, diamondback and others.
just another opinion, didn't mean to interupt the other link just an opinion for all.
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