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Ground Blind Recommendations

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Just wondering what everyone is using. I need a new one before spring turkey and want one that is plenty big enough for 2 people. It will be used for both turkey and deer.
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I got an Ameristep Bone Collector. It is plenty big for 2 people. Roof is high enough that I can draw my bow with no problems and a xbow is easy to maneuver. Has really good sight lines as well. Checked mine the other day and it was caved in from all of the snow. Climbed inside and popped it back out. After the mini avalanche subsided, it was like new. Two thumbs up.
I bought a primos dark horse double bull this year to hunt in with my 13 year old son. So far I'm pleased with it, still learning the where to set up part though.

Its pretty easy to set up, about 1 minute total, and take down. Little bulky but any you get for 2 people almost has to be.
i have a ameristep brotherhood blind and its nice, but one of the roof poles broke on me and when i called they said no problem sent me a new one opened it up, and guess what this one had one of the poles not glued into the hub, so i call them and told them i talked to the same lady and she said sorry about that and they would send me another right away. about a week later and after archeyr of course closed i get the package and low and behold i open this one up and this one has TWO poles out of the hub, so i call ameristep and get some guy and i tell him the problem and this the seacond time i had to call to get a replacement for a replacement, and he kindly told me there was nothing he could do and to go out and buy some glue to fix it myself!!!! couldnt believe it
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