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Grandson's First Turkey

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This is NY rather than PA, but I'm kinda proud of him! Last Friday I found 4 hens and a tom out in a field...I had a good idea about where they were going to roost. We were in there and got setup early. As it started to get a bit light I heard drumming...I thought he was straight downhill from us perhaps 75 yards. As it got brighter he kept drumming and I saw him on the limb about 70 yards down and to the right. When I pointed him out to Zac he could hardly contain himself! The tom kept strutting and drumming on the limb then gobbled a few times. He flew down about 60 yards to our right...I hit him with a string of soft yelps. He marched right over and Zac shot him at 15 yards. Good bird...20.5#, 9.5" beard, sharp pointed 7/8" spurs.

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Thats just awesome. Had to be a ton of nerves watching him on the roost gobbling then flying down coming your way.
Congrats to Zac on his first tom.
Awesome, congratz Zac!!
Congrats to him ! Memory that will last forever !
Fantastic! Neither of you will ever forget that one. Congrats
Very Cool. Congrats to you both!
WTG. Congrats to you and your grandson
Great job! Congratulations!
Outstanding, congrats!
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