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I know there was a long discussion previously regarding a PA Grand Slam, for the purpose of this post I left out Tiger Trout and focused on the other 4

Last week I had a few hours to fish so I hit a popular local stream. The first fish that the spinner brought to hand was a decent sized native brook trout. Over the next few hours I picked up a few browns and rainbows on spinners. I moved up the creek a few hundred yards and broke out the fly rod, landing a little rainbow and a nice brown trout. A few casts later and I saw a flash of gold come out from under a rock and watched the strike indicator sink. A short fight later trout #30 for the day was brought to hand, completing an unexpected "grand slam"

Pali #1 by Jason Weller, on Flickr

Yesterday I took one of my very best friends who is super awesome and who, occasionally, stalks the posts on here...up to my favorite spot, his first time fishing these waters. Obviously I was hoping for a good day, but even I was pretty amazed at what unfolded. Fishing started a little slow, we moved a few, missed a few, and caught a few browns and rainbows.

Cast by Jason Weller, on Flickr

Landing the Trout by Jason Weller, on Flickr

Oh That View by Jason Weller, on Flickr

About 2 hours into the trip my spinner stopped dead, and out of the pool I saw a palomino shaking his head.

Pali #2 for the year by Jason Weller, on Flickr

Not 50 yards upstream, my buddy spots 2 more palomino' a show of utter disrespect, he cut off one of my homemade spinners, tied on an old Caliber spinner, and proceeded to catch one of the palominos (talk about a stab in the back!)

norm 5 (1 of 1) by Jason Weller, on Flickr

The release

Edited Palomino Release by Jason Weller, on Flickr

We fished a little more before we realized if we got a brookie, we would both complete the slam on the same day...after finishing out that stretch, we grabbed my fly rod and headed to a tributary, where we both quickly landed a brookie completing the slam for both of us:

norm brookie (1 of 1) by Jason Weller, on Flickr

But we weren't done yet...

We went back to the main stream with a little giddy-up in or stride, not much longer later I landed this handsome Brown and another Pali:

Untitled by Jason Weller, on Flickr

Untitled by Jason Weller, on Flickr

But we still weren't up to one of the bigger pools we noticed the fish were rising to the grey foxes a little more regularly, so I asked him if he wanted to learn to fly fish. I ran, yes literally ran, back to the CRV, grabbed the 3 weight, gave him a few instructions and on like his THIRD freaking cast to a rising trout, he lands this beauty:

The Release by Jason Weller, on Flickr

We took turns with the 3 weight the rest of the evening:

Scanning the Water by Jason Weller, on Flickr

Casting by Jason Weller, on Flickr

We ended with 77 trout between the 2 of us. When you spend a great day like that, with a great friend, there is absolutely no need to mention who caught the most trout (it was me 48-29), all 77 were returned to the stream to fight another day. I ended up landing a brook trout in the main stream, so I got the slam for the second week in a row from the same stream.
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