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The last couple of years in the woods have been pretty frustrating for me. I didn't get out as much as I'd like (who does?) and when I did, I just couldn't get it done for one reason or another. I haven't killed a spring bird since 2013 when I shot my first and only with my bow.

A week ago yesterday I called in a bird and missed it and kinda figured that was my season. Well, last night I redeemed myself! I wish it was the same bird, but I wasn't even in the same county.

Not too exciting of a story, saw him in a huge field with a hen on ground I couldn't hunt, drove around the block to get on land I could hunt, got into the woods a ways and called and he answered way off. I cut the distance, and apparently so did he as when I called again he was 60 yards away and I could see his fan! 5 minutes later he was at 30 yards and I drilled him!

Scrappy, thin, rotted looking 7" beard but 1.5" hooks and 23 lbs!

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